Saturday, May 14, 2016

More tie cutting!

Elder Foiakau is next to leave his tie!

Thank you Elder Foiakau for your work in the mission and for your awesome
smile always.  We love you Elder and wish you all the best as you finish up your
mission in Fiji!  Darn visas!!!

Elder Callahan is the next victim.  We love this exceptional, soft spoken, dedicated,
livin in the Bush, valiant Missionary!  You are a light to so many and have been
a wonderful leader in this mission Elder Callahan.  We will miss you always.  
Love you  and that great cow tie of yours!

And its done!  The legend of Elder Callahan will live on.  Love you heaps!

This is one great missionary- Elder HArtley who will also return to Canada. 
Elder HArtleys wisdom blessed this Adelaide Mission and he will be greatly
missed.  Always obedient, always humble, always happy and forever a great
example of a consecrated missionary.  MLC's will never be the same. 

Besides this tie,  you have left a great legacy behind.  We love you Elder 
Hartley.  I will have many extra bananas now .:) 

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