Monday, May 23, 2016

Specialty Training and Interviews

We had a new adventure driving to Mildura for Specialty Training.  We tried a different
route and got to a place where we had to be ferried across the river.  Here we are
waiting for the ferry to pick us up. This was very cool.  The ferry is open 24 hours a day 
and is operated by a man who goes back and forth all day taking cars across. 
This is the mighty Mildura Zone.  They are consecrated, aligned and diligent.  President
Parker is smiling in a big way.  Sister Matthies, Sister Rougeau, Sister Townsend,
Elder Burdge, Elder Paeu, Elder McMurray, Elder Christy, Elder K. Johnson, Elder
Flinders, Elder Punou, Elder Raiqisa, Elder T. Johnson, Elder Au Wong, Elder
Lapenmal and President Parker.
After a great day of training its time for pizza.
Amazing Sister Missionaries.  Sister Townsend, Sister Rougeau and new missionary,
Sister Matthies. 
Elder Burdge, Elder T. Johnson, Elder Raiqisa and Elder Punou.
Elder K. Johnson, elder Lapenmal, Elder Burdge and Elder T. Johnson.
Elder and Sister Jurgens from my home town of Pleasant Grove, Utah.  
Elder McMurray, Elder Paeu, Elder Christy and Elder Au Wong.
Elder Raiqisa, Elder Punou, Elder Flinders and Elder McMurray.

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