Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Just every day happenings!

Living after the manner of happiness!  Two great sister missionaries feeling great joy
in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Sister Garrote and Sister Rooarii after
attending the Temple.
Living after the manner of happiness!  Two great Zone Leaders very excited about
having a new place to teach in the City!!!!  Elder B. Johnson and Elder Tolbert
have worked so hard to find the perfect place.  Miracles ahead!
We work hard and we play hard!!  Enjoying Gods creations in Katherine, NT.  
Elder  and Sister  Farrer with Elder  Rivera and Elder Langi spending some 
time on a major hike on p-day!
Two great Zone Leaders of the Marion Zone doing some great teaching.  Elder
Mannering and Elder Kendall are powerful teachers. 
Its a great day when we receive a new missionary!  Introducing Elder Jugo from
Malaysia.  We are so very excited to have this great Elder serving in the Australia
Adelaide Mission.  He arrived all smiles and ready to go to work!  Welcome Elder!!

Elder Jugo and his new Mission President. 
Back to the Mission Office for orientation and a bike! Elder Larkin getting this
great missionary already to  begin finding!
Elder Jugos trainers are the great companionship of Elder Mannering and Elder
Kendall.  He will be trained right from day 1!! 
Loading Elder Jugo's bicycle and luggage .  It doesn't get any better than being
a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  A great day!!

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