Saturday, May 14, 2016


Elder Anderson baptizing Damen Anderson in Tenant Creek.  What a sacred sight.

Congratulations Damen.  Heaven is smiling down on you today.  

Elder Lee and Elder McClutchie with Tyrell Godilla.  Congratulations
Tyrell.  We love you.  You have made such an important decision.  You
will always be happy when you choose to follow Jesus Christ. 

What a beautiful sight. Taught by these great missionaries who have the 
authority to baptize you in to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Meet Hanxuan Li-the newest member of the Morialta Ward.  He has chosen to
follow the example of JEsus Christ and be baptized.  Elder Fleming is prettty
happy about his. Teaching  another brother about the love of the Savior and 
Heavenly Fathers wondrous plan just brings great joy.

A few of the missionaries who have come to love Hanxuan.  Elder Fuhriman, 
Elder HAyes, Elder Fleming, Elder Duabe and Elder Skadins.

A few more people who love Hanxuan. .  What a beautiful baptism and thank you
for sharing your tender testimony. Its a blessed day. 

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