Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Its been some time since I posted any photos of whats going on with our family
back home while we are in Australia.  Big news!  Brandon and Alexa are 
expecting a little baby girl in July, our 8th grandchild. I think we can tell by
these smiles they are pretty happy about this great news. We couldn't be more
excited either!! We are so very blessed!

Brandon and Alex found one of our favorite places to eat -Dukes!  We didn't
know they had one in Malibu:)  Hoorah for Hula Pie!

Cameron just celebrated his 30th birthday. Here with his adorable 3 daughters
and the perfect birthday cake his awesome wife made for him. 

Cameron and Emily in Newport, Rhode Island .

McKenna Grace 5 years old

Charlotte Anna- 3 years old

Halle Noel-1 year old

Pushing the girls to watch the Boston Marathon

Cameron warming up with the girls to play a little tennis with them.

The Parker family is "Catching the Wave" in Boston!!!

Kimber and Craig- needing a new photo of just the two of you:)  To see what
Craig and Kimber have been up to- check back a month or two on this blog and
you can see all about their trip to Adelaide to visit us!!!:) 

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