Saturday, May 14, 2016

Arrivers Dinner and Training!

These were some hungry missionaries!  Enjoying a wonderful dinner provided 
by our great senior couples.

Elder Christy, Elder Coroton and Elder Toi . Three  great leaders in this mission.
Waiting to see who they will be training.

If I'm real sneaky, I can get a picture or two of Elder  Wilmott!  Here he is with 
Elder Flinders and Elder Sennett. We have the best cooks ever in our mission!
Maybe it was a requirement to serve here?  

I think I caught our assistants with the ice cream!!

This is Elder and Sister Sennett who serve diligently with historic
records.  Their calling falls under our mission umbrella and we are very
blessed.  Not only that but Sister Sennett makes the most delicious potatoes ever!!

The legendary Elder Toi helping with the dishes.  His mother taught him well.

Elder Christy who was just called to be a new Zone Leader in the Mildura Zone,
is kind of happy to have some dessert!  Actually Elder  Christy is always happy. 
We are so  blessed to have him in the Australia Adelaide Mission.

New missionaries anxiously waiting to see who they will be trained by.  
Elder Radovan

Elder Dahle

Elder Hobby

Elder Ah Wong

Sister Matthies

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