Tuesday, May 3, 2016


A throwback photo of a year ago  of the Parker family missing Emily , McKenna,
Charlotte and Halle. 

So Jaimie and Mike- please send some recent photos. 

Keller family having awesome sister missionaries over for dinner!

Our oldest beautiful grandaughter, Jalen, almost 13, made this yummy Easter
cake to share at the cousins Easter dinner.  

Jalen is an accomplished pianist. She has surpassed the deal we made that she 
learn to play the hymns.  She also plays and competes with a multiple piano
 group and it is incredible!So proud of you Jalenand how you are developing
the talents you've been blessed with.

This is Preston who was one of the winners at his pinewood derby contest.
Preston is 9 and about to finish 3rd grade. HE is very excited to come to
Australia and see all of the animals.

Preston is a great big brother to this little guy. I'm pretty sure they look a
whole lot like their Grandpa Keller:)

This is Brinley who will turn 8 in November and will be baptized!  We are so
happy that she wants to follow the Savior.  Brinley has been taking a sewing
class and made this beautiful skirt all by herself.  You've already passed
Grandma Lisa's sewing skills Brinley. 

For Valentines Day, Brinley made 100 hearts filled with love for us.  We love it 
Brinley.  And we love you. 

This is Brighton who has taken a liking to Pooh Bear. Here he is in his pooh
bear suit, sitting next to pooh bear, watching Pooh Bear on TV. 

When Brighton turned 2 in January, he got this fun clubhouse to play in. He
spends many hours in their backyard. We love and miss you Brighton!

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