Saturday, May 14, 2016


Your up Elder Matekohi! This great missionary served as an assistant for many 
transfers, leading with courage, diligence and love.  Not a finer man to be found. 
President Parker still thinks he can beat you on the bike Elder:)

The legendary Elder Matekohi lives on in our hearts forever.  We have learned 
much from you.  God be with you til we meet again. We love you.

This is not fun to say goodbye:(

Smiling through my tears.  So hard to say goodbyes to these missionary sons
and daughters. 

Elder Callahans famous cow tie.  Saved it for the ride home:)

Great assistants to the President. Great men of God. Brothers for eternity.
And beasts on the bikes!!!

4:00 am. Always smiling. How can we not, being with these great missionaries!

One last photo. Great memories to last for eternity. Brothers in the Gospel.

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