Thursday, October 29, 2015


On Monday, Oct. 26th we traveled up to Mildura so President could do interviews.
It is such a beautiful drive and I saw kangaroos again.  Woohoo!  They  are so 
awesome!  We arrived late Monday night, attended District Meeting and then
began interviews.  By the end of the day everyone was hungry so we ate dinner
at Fasta Pasta.  HEre is the whole Mildura Zone of incredible missionaries!

Great place, great food and especially great missionaries.  We love hearing about
all those they are teaching and of their great service here in Mildura.We love
each one of these missionaries so much.
This is Elder and Sister Jurgens who are two of the hardest working people you'll
ever meet.  They lovingly watch over our missionaries here in the Mildura Zone
and bless the members here in so many ways.  I'm pretty sure they do the 
work of about 3 senior couples.  We are so grateful for you Elder and Sister
Nothing more fun then being with these great missionaries!!
Elder Kata, Elder Boyd, Elder Fuhriman and Elder Barnes. Eating a good meal
so they can go serve with all they have!
Sister Tamana and her companion Sister Asera.  Two angel sister missionaries 
working hard.  Elder Soli and his companion , Elder Kelese  one of the Zone 
Leaders here.  We love you all!
Elder Beard, Elder Paeu, Elder Hamilton, Elder Anton and Elder Punou worked
up an appetite at training all day.  Love these Elders!
President Parker , Elder Matekohi, Elder Kata and Elder Boyd, the other 
Zone Leader of this Mildura Zone.  Love these Elders also!!

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