Sunday, October 25, 2015

Senior Couples!

Since we were in Sydney when our dear friends, Elder and Sister Larkin
arrived, we didn't take the traditional picture by the mission office.  So,
we officially welcome the Larkins to the Australia Adelaide Mission.  We love
And here are Elder and Sister Farrer who have been in Adelaide 3 weeks. 
We stop for a picture before they are off on their assignment in Darwin. 
Love you Elder and Sister Farrer.  Welcome to the best mission on the planet.
ITs always a great day when we take these pictures.  That means we have new
missionaries ready to go share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We welcome you all.
The welcome dinner at the mission home for our new arrivers.  Here a few
of our senior couples enjoy gathering together to celebrate new missionaries.
Sister Freitas and Sister Taufa wondering who their new trainers will be???
I love this picture!  Elder Matekohi and Elder Pitcher, 2 of our wonderful
assistants sit on either side of Elder U-Fa and Elder Leutele who are now 
new companions!!  These Elders are ready to get to work! We love you.

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