Monday, October 12, 2015


As we arrived in Darwin for Zone Conference we couldn't believe how beautiful
and green it was.  The rainy season is beginning here and everything looked
wonderfully green. 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints can be found every where we go!
I love to see the different church buildings yet they all have a ward or branch
family that you can be a part of.  This church in Darwin has a unique feature 
that I love- an outdoor baptismal font.  
Outdoor baptismal font.  Many people have chosen to follow the example of 
the Savior and be baptized here.  This is the door that opens the way to
eternal life.  IF you would like to learn more  about this, ask our missionaries
and they would love to help you. 

Great obedient missionaries of the Darwin Zone and the District President,
President Bond.  We are so grateful for each of you.  Love each one of you.
And here are the incredibly valiant, hard working Sister Missionaries of the
Darwin Zone.  We love you so much Sister Reyes, Sister Villanueva and 
Sister Goisisi. While President was having some interviews with the Elders,
I got to see where these Sisters live.
Is this great or what!!  Planning boards, organized desks, clean apartment,
 pictures of Christ, all things that bring smiles to our faces and an environment
that invites the Holy Ghost.  
Meet Brother and Sister Beard who have lovingly watched over the 
missionaries in Darwin.  We had a real treat when we were able to see much of
Darwin with them as we looked for a new senior couple flat.  Thank you
for showing us a wonderful time and for all you do to bless our missionaries.
Looks like crocodile country to me!  The Beards took us down by the ocean
and showed us a beautiful area where crocs are often found.  I think they
said 30 have been caught here so far this year?!?!?!?Yikes!!I asked what 
you do if you see a croc and they said you call the police and they send
Two-finger Tommy who comes and captures them. Guess why he only has
2 fingers!!

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