Sunday, October 4, 2015

Zone Conference

Today we had Zone Conference with the fabulous Firle Zone!  After some great 
training by Elder and Sister Gray, and Elder Larkin its time for lunch.  Here
one of our great zone leaders Elder Tolbert tells one of our great assistants,
Elder Pitcher about their great obedient zone and the ways they are sharing
the Gospel. 
Elder Mooney, Elder Chalke and Elder Tanner!  Love these missionaries!  They
all shared wonderful insight today and we were all being taught by the spirit 
as comments were shared.
This is a picture of the Lords secret weapon !! Sister missionaries!  They are so
wonderful.  these sisters work very hard and are very obedient!!  Sister Craig,
Sister Townsend, Sister Rougeau, sister Reola, Sister Garrote and Sister Condie!
Elder Soli, Elder Togia, Elder Hobbs, Elder Baker and Patrick who is getting 
ready to put his mission papers in!  Another great group of missionaries
bringing a smile to President Parkers face!
This is Elder Larsen and Elder Fleming. Gotta love these missionaries who are
working hard and doing all they can to invite all to come unto Christ. 
Elder Larkin, Elder Betonio, Elder Soli, Elder Beard and Elder Pitama. I'm pretty
sure Elder Larkin is making sure these great missionaries are eating atleast
4 big pieces of pizza a piece:)

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