Thursday, October 29, 2015

Meanwhile back at home part 2

Brinley,  and Preston sang and Jalen accompanied them on the piano in Sacrament
Meeting.  Send us a video kids!!  Can't wait to hear it!
Brinley just had her 7 year old birthday party.  She had a Halloween party
and I'll bet her big sister did her nails? Happy Birthday Brinley. We are so
excited you will be reading the Book of Mormon this year before you turn 8
and are baptized! Love you Brinley.

And this is Brighton Keller who is almost 2!  His mom, our daughter Jaimie,
is lucky she has such a big helper.  Brighton is all boy and never stops.  He 
is learning to talk and I 'm pretty sure he was saying where's grandma last
time we skyped!!Love you so much Brighton!
Kellers at Disneyland!  Have a churro for us!  
Our daughter Kimberly and her husband Craig as they sent Elder and Sister 
Farrer off to the MTC. Love you Craig and Kimber. Thanks for all of the
packages.  Kimber and Craig are my go to people when we need something 
sent from the states. We are so grateful for all of our family who sacrifice
and support us while we are in Australia.  Love and miss you all.  We know
you are being watched over and blessed. 

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