Sunday, October 25, 2015

Transfer Day

This is the beautiful back yard of the mission home.  the roses are absolutely 
beautiful this time of year.  Adelaide is known as the "City of Roses!"
Anyone recognize this guy?  Elder Farrer who came as "Bubba" as a prop
for Elder and Sister Larkins Self Reliance Training class.  He played the 
part well.  
Sister Christie adding her "mission miracle"  to the miracle book in the mission
Sister Kereama doing the same. The Australia Adelaide Mission is being blessed with
many miracles. 
And here we are with Sister Kereama once again. This time cutting her skirt
so she can leave a part of herself in this great mission.  
Sister Christie leaving a piece of her dress with us here.  We will think of you
every time we see this. 
And here is Sister Gray who came prepared to leave a piece of herself in this
mission.  We will miss you so much Sister Gray!

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