Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Australia Wildlife!

As I opened our back door to take the rubbish out this guy gave me a heart attack!!!
He may look small in the picture but this is no Las Vegas lizard!  He is over
a foot long and I admit my screams could be heard several blocks away.  
I'm told he is a blue-tongue lizard who lives in gardens and eats poisonous snakes.
He has a mean bite but only if you threaten him.  All I know is I want him far
away from me.


  1. Please do not send those investigators home with MY elder.. yuck,, screams right back at ya !!

  2. Cool!!! I wish I was there to see it! -from Preston (Sister Parker is my grandma:)

    1. Preston, what a great young man to share your grandma and grandpa with Heavenly Father , Australia and the missionaries.. thank you ..