Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Busy day at the office!

Today Elder and Sister St. John arrived from Alice Springs to begin serving in
the office.  They will be training with Elder and Sister Gray as they will be leaving
us in about a week.  :(  Incase your wondering....Elder St. John is the one with
the great hat!Oh how we love these great servants of the Lord.  Come and join us!

All of these boxes are filled with shoes for our missionaries!  A very generous
member of the church who owns a very nice mens store, which includes a tuxedo
rental department, donates these shoes to our mission.  After a certain amount 
of time, renting shoes, we receive these great boxes that bless our many missionaries. 

Here is Elder Wilmott,
who is there bright and early every morning.  He oversees the finances of this
vast mission and does it with a smile.  He also is a master at just about any other
thing you could possibly have a question about.  We love you Elder Wilmott!

This is Elder and Sister Gray who have watched over the many many flats in this
mission.  They are amazing!  Two harder workers you will never find.  We can't 
imagine this mission without them, so we won't talk about them leaving.  We 
love you so much. P.S. and they barbque a delicious pork roast!!
This is Sister Larkin who is the king of multitasking.  Her list of responsibilities
is endless.  Lovingly taking care of all the medical challenges, handling all referals.
ordering supplies,  watching over the vault of missionary clothes, and did I mention
helping with lunches and dinners for zone conferences, arrival training, MLC 
meetings and arriver/leaver dinners.Sister Larkin is everywhere and always with
a sweet smile. We love you. 
This is the great smile we see as we enter the mission office each day.  Sister 
Wilmott is always there to take care of ...well.....everything!  " Sister Wilmott
will know", is one of the most common phrases we hear .  Thank you for all you
do to keep this mission running.  We love you. 

Sending the Farrers on their first road trip!  They have a great looking mission 
car, a GPS, their new Australia cell phones and are up for an adventure.
A trip to IKEA to pick up a few things for the mission home.  I love these
sisters.  They are hard working, righteous woman and they are fun!  Sister
Farrer, Sister Gray, Sister Larkin, and Sister Wilmott.

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