Monday, October 12, 2015

Blast from the past!

Today we woke up to a surprise text from our daughter and son in law who 
attended church in Murray,Utah to meet and listen to Elder and Sister Smith speak
in church.  The Smiths returned home a few weeks ago .  Sounds like it was
 a wonderful day for all who attended.  Sister and Elder Smith, Kimberly
Hughes, Elder Godfry, another one of our great missionaries who recently
returned home and Craig Hughes.  Love and miss you all.  
This is the first visit we have had from one of our missionaries who has completed
her mission and returned for a visit.  Sister Natalie Payze , her sister who served
in the Perth Australia Mission and her wonderful mother stopped by  as they
were on quite a roadtrip!  It was great to meet some of Sister Payze' family
and enjoy a session of General Conference together.  Love you forever Sister


  1. I am grateful to Sister Payze's mum who hugged my daughter because she knew her mum (me) would have like to. :)

  2. Did Sister Nunes de Freitas arrive this week?