Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Specialty Training

On Tuesday November 24, we made the beautiful drive to Mildura to have
Specialty Training. This is the great Mildura Zone except for Elder Esqueda!  
We used the timer on the camera and it cut him off.  I am so sad but we will put
him front and center next zone picture.  Can you believe we did that:(  Love 
all of these missionaries so much though.  
One of our incredible Sister Training Leaders, Sister Tamana from Melbourne.
Sister Tamana told us she loves Mildura and never wants to leave! You are one 
dedicated, obedient, hard working sister missionary and we love you so much.
Its always so wonderful to visit with a senior couple and hear all the great
things going on in their assigned area. We are so grateful for the Jurgens. 
They have set a very high bar for all of our senior couples and we are in
awe of all they are doing. We love you Elder and Sister Jurgens. 
Elder Pitcher and Elder Esqueda ordering dinner at the Crazy Mexican Restaurant.
Elder Esqueda, put your wallet away, this one is on President Parker:)
We were serenaded all through dinner by the beautiful voices of our talented
missionaries. We can't get over the incredibly gifted missionaries we are 
blessed with.  Thank you Elders for singing those beautiful hymns during dinner.

More musical missionaries!  The musical group called ,"Gentry" has nothing 
over on these guys! They are GOOD!!!
Elder Hamilton and Sister Asera both had birthdays in November so here they
are with their companions who earned their birthday treat for them.  Happy
Birthday to both of you.  We love you so much!

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