Sunday, November 15, 2015


These are our two great missionaries serving in Katherine here with Elder Farrer.
They are searching for a place for a baptism.  these are beautiful clear hot
springs that look like a great place until they saw the sign......
Hmmmmm...maybe not.  Another reason to think twice about this spot...
as they looked up this is what they saw....bats, pretty big bats!  
I think we'll keep looking:)

These two wonderful elders come by to read with Elder Friday a pretty
new member of the church.  He has no furniture so they read the Book of
Mormon together as they sit on the floor.  Brother Friday just gave his
only pair of shoes to someone who needed them more than him today.  He
explained to the missionaries that he might not be able to attend church as
walking is his only way of getting to church and its an hour walk and now 
he has no shoes.  Elder and Sister Farrer to the rescue.  What a sweet humble
man who seeks to follow Christ and feels the joy of having the Gospel in
his life.  We love you Brother Friday.

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