Thursday, November 19, 2015

Specialty Training

Training in Marion Zone made for another great day. After some training all 
morning, its time for a lunch break.  Elder Martineau, Elder McMurray, Zone
Leader and Elder Pitcher who along with Elder Matekohi did some great
training today on the Doctrines of Christ.
Elder Taylor, Elder Aguilar, Elder Jacobson and Elder Martineau!
Elder Skadins, Elder Matekohi, Elder Acker and Elder Foiakau!
Elder Coroton, Elder Keller and Elder Taleo.
Elder Glova, Elder Lapenmal, Elder Hayes and Elder Orr!

Sister Vaitaiki, Sister Coultrop, Sister Reyes, Elder Skadins and Elder Briscoe!
I love this picture of Elder and Sister St. John!  Thank you for all you do.  
Loving and serving and working-all in the day of a Senior missionary!
Sister Esplin, Sister Abonales, Sister Fa'alogo, Sister Freitas, Sister Tuu'u
and sister Makaya!

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