Sunday, November 15, 2015

More of Darwin

After a great day of training we enjoyed dinner with the Darwin missionaries
at the Hogs Breath Restaurant.  We love these missionaries so much and are
so thankful for their diligence and hard work of hastening the work in Darwin. 
Sister Farrer, Sister Rooarii, Sister Villenueva, Elder Farrer, Elder Heindel, Elder
Costales, Elder Duabe, President Parker, Elder Pitama, Elder, Henderson, Elder
Makai, Elder Seru and Elder Fitzpatrick.
Fun dinner photos!  Waiting patiently is hard for hungry missionaries!These
 missionaries always show such gratitude  and  are happy to be missionaries and 
representatives of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Elder Costales and Elder Henderson deciding what to feast on.  These are 
GREAT missionaries.  Hard working, diligent and obedient.
It doesn't get any better than these two great missionaries!  Elder Fitzpatrick
and the Northern Territory Assistant to the President, Elder Pitama. Dedicated
and smashing it!!
Miracles are happening all over Darwin because of the obedience and hard work
of these missionaries.  We love you so much. 
And also because of these missionaries!  We love you Elders!

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