Thursday, November 5, 2015

Choir Practice

This is a wonderful sight!!  The Australia Adelaide Missionaries practicing for 
the Christmas Fireside, led by Sister Larkin.  This is going to be one fabulous
evening filled with the Christmas spirit through beautiful music.  These
missionaries are so musically talented we are looking for every opportunity
to share our testimonies with music.
It is P-Day and after singing a few Elders decided to play some bball, some didn't
even take time to take their ties off!
Stopping to pose for a picture for Sister Parker.  Something they are getting
accustomed to. We love these great missionaries.  They work hard and play
hard!  Elder Hayes, Elder Mooney, Elder Wilkins, Elder Leutele, Elder Chalk, 
Elder Bouche, Elder Glova, Elder Ware, Elder Revillo, Elder Larsen, ElderU-Fa, 
Elder Fleming and Elder Flinders. 
Today, Thursday, was Arrivers Training #2 for our 3 new missionaries and their
trainers. Are these awesome missionaries or what!!!!  We spent a wonderful
day being trained by the St. Johns  and Elder Wilmott, on flats and finances.
We were taught perfectly by our 2 assistants, Elder Pitcher and Elder 
Matekohi on true doctrine.  It was powerful and I personally will never forget
the way I felt as the spirit taught all of us. Elder U-Fa, Elder Leutele, Elder
Matekohi and Elder Pitcher.  Sister Lee-Lo, Sister Taufa, Sister Fa'alogo
and Sister Freitas.  These are incredible new missionaries and will be
even more incredible because they are being trained by the best! We love you.

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