Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day my doorbell rang and when I answered it this was part of a 
surprise!!  Someone had decorated our door and sidewalk and left us some
delicious pumpkin cookies and a family favorite Tongan watermelon drink.  It
was fabulous!
We are thankful for sweet missionaries who are so thoughtful and took time
to wish us a happy Thanksgiving.
And these are the sweet missionaries who made our day!  Sister Taylor, Sister
Toufa, Sister Lee-Lo,  Sister Townsend, Sister Goisisi and Sister Soh!  We love 
these missionaries! Don't know what we ever did to be so blessed. Happy 
thanksgiving to all of you. We are thankful for every missionary serving in
this great mission. 
And what else did we do on Thanksgiving?  Sister Townsend and Sister Goisisi
stopped by to help me decorate the Christmas tree in the Mission home. Great 
job Sisters. 

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