Thursday, November 19, 2015

Specialty Training

This is the great Firle Zone  where we held Specialty Training on a beautiful day 
in Adelaide. It was so nice we decided to take a photo outside. It is such a privilege
to serve with these Elders and Sisters.  We love you.
And these are the missionaries who have had birthdays recently that we needed
to celebrate!  Happy Birthday Sister Rougeau, Elder Callahan, Elder Woodford,
Elder Anderson, Elder Mooney and Elder Jarrett!
Mighty Missionaries!  Elder Matekohi, Elder Bouche, Elder Chalke, Elder Taylor
and Elder Mooney.
Mighty sister missionaries!   Sister Toufa, Sister Goisisi, Sister Lee-Lo, Sister
Townsend, Sister Garrote and Sister Condie!
And a mighty senior couple-Elder and Sister Wilmott!!  The couple with so
many skills we stopped counting! We love you!
Happy missionaries because they are working so hard and reaping the harvest!
Sisters enjoying lunch outside on this beautiful day.  Missions are so much fun!
More wonderful sisters having a great time serving the Lord.

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