Tuesday, July 21, 2015

First few days in Adelaide!

As we drove around this great city, we found the absolutely  beautiful 
Adelaide Temple, just 10 minutes from our home.  What a blessing to have a
Temple in our mission.  Our prayer is to bring families together  in the 
House of the Lord to be sealed together forever.  

Speaking at our first Multi-Stake Fireside on  how our belief in Jesus Christ, blesses

our lives.  What a great topic to have been assigned.  We loved meeting the 

wonderful members here and knowing wherever we go in the world, we feel at

home with the Saints.

Meeting our absolutely wonderful Senior Couples!  The Smiths, The Grays,
The Halls, The Jurgens, and The Hannans.  We are missing the St. Johns who
are serving up north in Alice Springs.  These couples have set aside the things
of the world and have chosen to serve the Lord and bless this great mission.  
They work so hard and are blessing not only this mission but are receiving
the blessings promised for their families.  We love you!!

On the 1st Tuesday  since we arrived in Adelaide, we held our first multi-Zone 
Conference. It was a glorious day.  What a privilege to serve with these
incredible, valiant, consecrated missionaries.  How wonderful it is to finally look 
into each of their faces and see the light of the Gospel shining in their eyes.
Here we all are in front of the Firle Stake Center.  We love you all!

Here are a few fun photos from our Zone conference lunch.  Very happy 
missionaries and even more happy Mission President and wife!  Thank you
senior couples for a delicious lunch!

I'm pretty sure Elder Rigby and Elder Chalke took a selfie while I wasn't looking.

This wonderful couple are the Halls, one of our newer couples.They are serving in
Mt. Gambie and loving it! 

So President needed to pick something up for the computer on "The Parade", 
and while we were on our way we ran into 2 of our great missionaries who
were having dinner here.  At their recommendation we decided to try it.  
There is Mexican food in adelaide and it was great!If you look closely, you 
can see the chips and salsa we ordered.  In Adelaide, chips are french fries!  
We found gelato!    

That we bought with Australian money.

And since we needed a few things, our first Friday night date was at Costco
where President was happy to pick up a great costco  hot-dog and a drink!

As I was leaving the house I looked at the beautiful greenery and flowers
just to the side of our garage.  The landscaping is beautiful here and it was a 
beautiful day to match.  

This sign says it all!!  We have felt welcome since we arrived off the plane. 
We are so thankful to be in Adelaide and to be inviting all to come and
receive the blessings of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We love this


  1. Thank you the picture and the blog. We saw our Son Elder Costales enjoying the company of his co missionaries and the food. Thanks for taking good care or our missionaries. God Bless you all!!!

  2. this is also our sons blog which i am currently administer > http://ramnephi.blogspot.com/