Monday, July 20, 2015

The big trip to Australia! we are at the Salt Lake City airport ready to begin our Australian 
adventure.  We are thankful to be among the thousands of wonderful missionaries
leaving from this same place to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Many tears
were shed but they were happy tears.  We are ready!!

Thank you to all of our children for their incredible sacrifices they have made
to help us get ready for this mission.  This is our daughter Kimberly and we will 
miss you and pray for you always as we do for the whole family.

Ahhh! the roles are reversed!  This is Brandon, one of our sons who we sent
off to serve a mission.  Last time he had the tag on but both times I'm the one
in tears!  Again, happy tears!!

And we're off.  God be with you till we meet again!!  We love you family!!

Just a short 22 hour flight and we'll be there.  We are leaving on June 29, and 
will arrive July 1st in Adelaide.  Happy birthday to our daughter Jaimie
who's birthday is June 30.  We love you.  After a brief stop in Auckland,
New Zealand...where we ran in to some Las Vegas friends!  A wonderful
tennis coach friend Tim Blinkiron, with his children who happens to be from, guess where?
Adelaide!  They were coming to see Tims family for a few weeks during
summer break.  So fun to see familiar faces.  

Here is President Parker taking that very big first step onto
Australia, Adelaide soil.  Oh boy here we go!!  We feel so very 
blessed to have this experience.  Can't wait to meet our

And we are here!  How blessed we are to be in this beautiful part of the world.  

All smiles as we finally get to meet President and Sister Carter who have
presided over the best mission in the world for the last 3 years.  We love you
President and Sister Carter.  We cannot express enough our gratitude for you
and the love you have extended to us.  We know we "stand on the shoulders
of giants" as we come to serve in this great mission.  You are eternal friends
and we love you forever.

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