Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Getting Set apart as missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

A day we couldn't ever have imagined.  Jeff was set apart as the President of the
best mission on earth-the Australia Adelaide Mission by Jeffrey R. Holland of the 
Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.  Lisa was set apart as a missionary of the Church 
of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by Lynn G. Robbins, a member of the Presidency
of the Seventy.  An experience never to forget.  We are blessed to have many family 
members with us. 

The day has arrived!  Entering The MTC in Provo, Utah.  It's a beautiful day and we
feel privileged to be here.

Receiving our missionary name tags.  A very humbling and sobering moment.

We can't believe this is really happening.  Many emotions running through our 
minds but we are filled with excitement and are honored to be here.  

Standing by the ever popular map of the world where thousands of missionaries 
have taken a similar picture pointing to the place where they will serve the 
Lord and invite others to come unto Christ. 

Three Allred cousins have been called to serve for the next 3 years.  Besides
the Parkers in Australia, Chriss and Jerry Allred called to preside over the newly 
created Logan, Utah Mission and Allen and Denise Alexander called to
North Carolina, Charlotte Mission.  Incredible experience to share together.We are so 
grateful for the heritage we've been blessed with.  We love you and are praying
for all of you.

These few days have been an experience of a lifetime.  We have been taught 
and tutored by Apostles of the Lord.  We have felt their love for us, the 
missionaries and for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Words cannot express 
our gratitude for the privilege of being here.  We will treasure up in our minds
and hearts the things we have been taught and anxiously share them with the
best missionaries ever!

We hold dear the friendships we make thru service in the Lords Kingdom.
Elder Craig and Jan Zwick  have made a great impact on our lives  We express our 
deepest gratitude for their counsel, their example, their friendship and their love.
Elder Zwick was the one who called President Parker to preside over the 
Redrock Stake in Las Vegas, Nevada in Nov. 2007.

Elder Teh-we love you.  We have such a tender place for you in our hearts.  
Thank you for the time you have spent with us, your kindness and your love.
We honor and sustain you.  ( Elder Teh was the one who released President Parker
as Stake President of the Redrock Stake in Las Vegas, Nevada in Nov. 2014.)

Four couples called to serve in the Pacific Area. Besides the Parkers, The Fifes called 
to serve in Perth, Australia, The Grangers called to serve in Vanauatu, and The
Checkettes going to Sydney, Australia North.  We became fast friends and look 
forward to seeing these couples in Sydney the end of August. 

Our new friends, The Larsons, from Arizona called to preside over the Lima, Peru
Central Mission. Quite a contrast from our vast mission.  Their whole mission area is 
9 miles by 9 miles.  6 million people and a new language!  They will do a fabulous job
and the people of Peru will love them as we do.

Couples called to serve from the great state of Nevada.  We will be friends forever.

These are the New Mission Presidents and wives pictures that will hang in the MTC
for the next 3 years. And this is us!  We have had an unforgettable experience
here.  It has changed us.  We will go forward with great faith after being filled
each day with the Doctrines of Christ that we know will change the world.  

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