Monday, July 13, 2015

last goodbyes!

Saying goodbye to 2 of our 3 precious grandaughters in Boston.  McKenna and
Charlotte and Halle (who is sleeping) grandma and grandpa love you so much.  
Thank you for all of the hugs!

A wonderful day together making memories that need to last 3 years:) 

5 Month old Halle!  Oh so precious.  Playtime with Grandpa!

Doesn't get any better than this.  Getting in every hug we can.  Love you Halle.

Congratulations to Alex and Brandon!  Graduation in Boston and on to L.A. 
Could be our last trip to Boston?  Atleast for awhile.

Last family dinner at Geisha!  Many great memories here.

Last wonderful trip to the Las Vegas Temple for 3 years!

Saying goodbye to Preston and Brinley!  Getting as many hugs as possible.  
Best grandkids in the whole world.  They are excited we are going on a mission!

Jalen and Preston brought Grandma one of her favorite things before she goes- 
tomatoes out of their garden.  Love you J and P!!

Grandpa and Brinley-buddies forever.  Don't forget Brinley, you get the first
date with grandma and grandpa when we get back!!!  You know where!!

Grandma Lisa and Brighton Mak Keller.  Another one of our future missionaries!  
Trying to hold it together saying goodbye to this little guy.  Love you Brighton!!  

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