Monday, July 13, 2015

Open House, Speaking in Church, Family Dinner

Our dear friends Mark and Cary Hutchison hosted an Open House for us at 
their lovely home.  It was a wonderful, emotional evening with friends and family.  
We love you Hutchison family. You have blessed our lives over the years.

This is our wonderful friend, Lorraine. She is responsible for putting together 
this great evening.  The incredible food, the Australian decor, did I say the 
fabulous food?  Lorraine, we love and appreciate all you have done to bless
our lives over the years.  You are one of the most selfless people we know.  

This is more of the crew, who helped with this evening.  Kelsey, Holly, Steve, 
Pearse, and the rest of you-thank you.

Delicious food !

Fun decorations!

Great friends!  (The Jones Family)starring Deborah!

The Ringers! Friends forever!

The Atamian Family -our dear friends and neighbors!

Bishop and Ruth Phillips-our almost neighbors!

Our family showing support for the "Catch the Wave" Mission t-shirts!!

No tears because families are forever!!

Getting family and friends together is the best!

Shooting some bball  and loving being together.

All the way from Boston to share this time with us.  We miss you Emily, 
McKenna, Charlotte and Halle.  In three years.... your coming to the party:)

Getting in every last minute with the grandkids.                                                 
Thankyou to all who traveled far and near to share this special evening with us. 
We love you.

After speaking in Church. The Allred relatives.  Love you all so much.  Thank you
for being with us.

Happy Fathers Day!  Grateful for wonderful men   in our lives. Grateful for
past, present and future missionaries.

Love you mom and dad.  (Ellis and Carolyn Allred, Lisa's parents)

A huge thank you to the Waid family who fed all of our family on Fathers Day!
We love you so much.  What a fabulous dinner and treats for the road to boot! 
You have done so much for us.  Thank you Bishop Waid for the exciting ride to
 the airport and all that that included. We will miss you all!  Hoping to see a Sister
Waid on our "arrivers list" in Adelaide!

Thank you to the Horn Family!  How can we thank you enough for always being
there to support us and help in any way.  We love being grandparents with you 
and sharing our 3 precious granddaughters.  So proud of the missionaries in
the Horn family.  We love you!

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