Wednesday, July 15, 2015

More Dear Friends

Friends forever- President Parkers partner at Retina Consultants of Nevada,
Dr. Rodney Hollifield and his dear wife Charlene Day.  Thank you for your 
friendship, the good times and your support.  We love you.

These 3 people are headed to serve in the Australia, Adelaide mission!!  
Wayne and Melanie Larkin and Rick (and his wife JoLyn) Farrer will be joining
us soon!!  We are so very blessed.  These devoted disciples of Christ will bless
the missionaries and the people of Adelaide.  We couldn't have done this without
you and you know it!!  Thank you.  We love you and see you soon down

We are Family! I've got all my sisters with me!  Like sisters in the Gospel 
all over the world, we share a unique bond serving and helping one another
raise righteous families and stand for truth and righteousness.  I love my sisters!

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