Saturday, February 6, 2016

Specialty Training

On the drive to Mildura we saw this beautiful rainbow-the first we've seen in

These are emus. We always see them at a distance as we drive to Mildura but 
today they were closer.  We pulled over to the side of the road and they all started 
running towards us.  It reminded me of what turkeys do.  I think they figured we
were there to feed them. These are awesome looking animals and I've never
seen an emu in the US?
After a wonderful Sabbath Day we began Specialty Training with the Mildura

New companions- Sister Tamana and Sister Townsend.  These incredible
sister missionaries are great leaders. President Parker and I were able to out
to minister with them and it was wonderful.  Thank you sisters for your great
efforts in bringing many unto Christ. It was a joy to be with you.
Healthy lunchtime!!Elder Barnes and Elder Hamilton smiling about the veggies:)
Thank you to Elder and Sister Jurgens for a delicious healthy lunch.  We are
in awe of all you do.  Thank you for your good works , your examples and
your devotion to this work. We love you.
Elder Lapenmal, Elder Fleming, Elder Maughn, Elder  Paeu, and Elder Punou.

Two great missionaries!  Elder Matekohi and Elder Punuo. Love those faces!!!
Elder Punuo, elder Matekohi, Elder Jurgens, Elder Flinders, Elder Mikami and 
President Parker.

Elder Mikami, Elder Matekohi, Elder Fleming, Elder Maughn and Elder Flinders.

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