Saturday, February 6, 2016

Australia Adelaide Temple

A blessed day.  In the Temple with 3 missionaries who are completing their missions.  
Elder Orr, Elder Pitcher and Elder Togia are great leaders in our mission
and they will be missed tremendously. We are so thankful for their consecrated 
lives. We love you great Elders.

Also with us in the Temple today was the great MLC of the Australia Adelaide
Mission.  Elder MAnnering, Elder Wilkins, Elder Flinders, Elder Matekohi, Elder 
Orr, Elder Pitcher, Elder McMurray, Elder Togia, Elder Tolbert, Elder Coroton,
Sister Fa'alogo, Sister Soh and Sister Lee-Lo.  Along with our senior office
missionaries. An unforgettable day.

Sister Missionaries:)

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