Saturday, February 6, 2016

Specialty Training

Specialty Training with the Firle Zone.  Our Assistants to the President with the
District Leader of the new City District, the great Elder Hartley!!
Sister Missionaries feasting on barbecue salad, vegetables and dip, wheat rolls and 

fruit. Yummy!
Elder Acker, Elder Soli and Elder Matekohi. Love these great missionaries!
Plates piled high for hungry Elders!  Elder Revillo, Elder Coroton, Elder Leutele,
Elder Cultura, Elder Buouche, Elder Betonio, Elder Acker and Elder Soli.

Elder Cultura, Elder Bouche and new missionary, Elder Payne. He says, missionary
life is great!  As a mission, we are being blessed and there is excitement as
there is always change!  Love you Elders.
Love these Elders!  Elder Woodford and Elder Anderson serving in the Firle 
Zone. Loved the great comments today from everyone as the Spirit taught us together.
Office couples providing lunch once again.  Thank you to all.  Sister St. John,
Elder and Sister Larkin.

Army of the great Marion Zone in the Australia Adelaide Mission!  This is a 
powerful group of Elders. Elder Nelson, Elder Keller, Elder Kendall, Elder McMurray, 
Elder Elder Gaastra, Elder Taleo, Elder Martineau, Elder Kata, Elder Foiakau, 
Elder Pitcher, Elder Orr, Elder Wilkins, Elder Matekohi, Elder Ruppe, Elder Taylor,
Elder Jacobson, Elder Flinders, Elder Jarrett, Elder Skadins and Elder Hayes.

Equally as powerful sister missionaries.  These are Gospel teaching, bike riding,
fearless  disciples of Christ.  Sister Freitas, Sister Coultrop, Sister Vaitaiki, Sister
Fa'alogo, Sister Condie, Sister Makaya, Sister Mongan and Sister Abonalas. 

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