Monday, February 15, 2016

Missionary Leaving Us!

Another missionary is completing his mission and is returning home!  Elder Togia
who blessed us by extending and staying a few weeks more, has served an
incredible mission, and has been a great leader.  We celebrated his service in the
mission home the evening before he left. Here he is with that great smile we will 
miss eating dessert with Elder Flinders and Elder Matekohi.

A few of the people who will miss him terribly!!

And the tie cutting begins!  Thank you Elder Togia for leaving a piece of yourself 
in the great mission.  You know where that tie will be hanging:)

There you have it. We love that face!!

Elder Togia has blessed this mission in so many ways.  He has an incredible voice
that soothes the soul, and plays the guitar and leads with compassion and love, 
fears no man, works extremely hard and is exactly obedient. A pretty great list
of Christ like attributes!

Righteous warriors and eternal friends. God be with you til'we meet again Elder
Togia.  We love you forever.

Had to add one more picture!  This face says it all!  Elder Togia makes all of us

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