Saturday, February 6, 2016


Its that time again!  That happy sad day when missionaries are getting ready to
return home. The senior missionaries put together a wonderful dinner for the 
missionaries leaving us.  

The night before he leaves, Elder Orr lets the cat out of the bag, that he plays the

These two great missionaries knew each other in the MTC.  then they were companions
twice on their missions.  Most recently they have been Traveling companions
training and teaching all over the mission.  They have done a great work. The
mission will not be the same without them. We love you both.

Time for the traditional tie cutting! Looks like Elder Orr is ready to part with
his tie for the board.

Elder Pitcher has served as Assistant to the President for several months.  You 
have given your all and you will be missed.  What a great leader you have been. 

Elder Pitcher and Elder Orr will both be returning to Canada.  They will be on the
same flight home. We are excited for them to be reunited with their great families.
What a privilege it has been to serve with these great missionaries.  Can't wait
to see what the Lord has in store for them next.  
Our senior couples pray for, serve and love these missionaries like their own. 
Hope these Elders feel very loved because they are!  Best wishes to you as you
continue to follow the Lords plan for you. You will be in our prayers.

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