Monday, June 13, 2016

Leavers Dinner

After sweet tender testimonies shared it is time to leave something behind in this
great mission.  Sister Siale was first.  You are leaving an empty place Sister
Siale as you leave.  You have served with all of your heart, might, mind and strength.
Well done.  We love you and know great things are ahead.
A piece of a favorite skirt, that Sister Siale said made it through her whole mission!  
Next is Sister Reola. Sister Reola has been serving in Darwin and has done a great
work.  I know there were many tears shed when she left. We will miss you sister
Reola but thank you for the great service you have given here in the Australia
Adelaide Mission.  We love you so much. 
Sister Reola leaving behind a piece of a favorite skirt.  We will think of you with lots
of love every time we see this on the tie board. 
The legendary Elder Toi!  Leaving behind his Bush tie.  We already miss this great smile 
and your leadership.  Great things ahead for this powerful missionary.  ITs been an 
honor to serve with you and we will miss you terribly.  
President Parker gets that tie cut pretty quick!  We love you Elder Toi.  God bless until
we meet again. 

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