Monday, June 13, 2016

"Boot Camp Zone Conferences"

This is a historic moment in the Australia Adelaide Mission!  Our first "Boot Camp 
Zone Conference."  We started with the City Zone held at the Prospect Chapel.  This 
great zone is lead by Elder Tolbert and Elder B. Johnson. They are great leaders
who lead by example and all diligence.  What does one do at a 12 hour Boot Camp
Zone Conference?  A whole lot of training, role playing, evaluating and  then hitting the 
streets to put into practice what we've learned. Plus, it was a 2 meal Zone Conference!
Here are the elders of the City Zonehaving some delicious taco soup, salad, and fruit
for lunch with peanut butter cookies for dessert!A great day with a great group of 
Elder Mikami, Elder  Duabe, Elder Fuhriman, Elder  Tolbert,  Elder B. Johnson,
Elder Flinders, Elder Makai, Elder Bennion, and Elder Hanley!  
The very awesome City Sisters- Sister Siale and Sister Coultrop!  You are looking
at 2 great sister missionaries.  They are master teachers and determined bikers. 
Love these beautiful sisters. 
Elder and Sister Larkin feel right at home in this chapel as this is the ward they
attend on Sundays and minister to the members and the new converts.  
Elder and Sister  Wilmott also have connections to this chapel.  It is the first chapel to 
be built in Adelaide and so they are well aquainted with this place. 
This was a cold day for Adelaide so President Parker can't wait to get some warm
soup . 
These are some intense role plays.  Here Elder  Hanley and Elder Mikami get their 
investigator (Elder Flinders) to search his soul with thought provoking questions.
Sister Coultrop and Sister Siale role play using their skills to  invite Elder McMurray
to grow closer to His Savior Jesus Christ.
Elder Bennion and Elder B. Johnson share an important message with an investigator
(Elder Makai) on how he can bless his family through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Elder Duabe, elder Fuhriman and Elder Tolbert excited to go out and find those
prepared to hear the great message these missionaries bring to the world.  That HE
lives!!  Jesus Christ lives and loves us.  If you would like to learn more.... these
wonderful missionaries would love to come and teach you the plan of happiness:)

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