Monday, June 13, 2016

Grand Opening !

A BIG surprise at the end of the day for the City Zone!  The Grand Opening of a new
teaching center right in the city!  This has been months in the panning and execution 
of this project.  The Lords hand was in this the whole way and now.... these great
missionaries have a place to gather those wanting to hear how to come closer to 
their Savior. Hallelujah!!!
Elder and Sister  Larkin will be the Senior Couple assigned over the City Teaching
Center.  We are all very excited as this will bless this mission and the people here
so much. 
The very first day we arrived in Adelaide, President Parker and I went to the City
to pick up some computer parts.  While we were there, he received very strong 
promptings that this should be a center of strength .  We have gone from 2 missionaries
in the City to a whole Zone.  These consecrated missionaries are doing a great
work here and many are accepting the invitation to follow the example of our Savior
Jesus Christ and to be baptized. A marvelous work and a wonder!

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