Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Zone Conferences

Drove the beautiful drive to hold Zone Conference with the wonderful Mildura
Zone.  Had to get a picture as many missionaries are new to Mildura!

Elder K. Johnson, Elder Punou, elder Burdge, Elder Lapenmal, Elder McMurray,
Elder Paeu, Elder and Sister Jurgens, front:Elder Flinders, Elder Raiqisa, Elder
Christy, Elder Fuhriman, Elder Glova, Elder Callahan, Sister Townsend, Sister

Traveled back to Adelaide to meet with the great Marion Zone.  We had a 
special visitor today, President Ellis!  We couldn't love a Stake President any
more. Totally engaged in hastening missionary work and a consecrated
leader who leads with kindness and love. Thank you President Ellis for all you do.
Elder McMurray, Elder Hartman, Elder Mannering, Elder Taylor, Elder Komaisavai, 
Elder Fitzpatrick, Elder Hayes, Elder Kendall, Elder Nelson, Elder Gaastra,
Elder Flinders, Elder Costales, front: Sister Mason, Sister Tamana, Sister Fa'alogo, 
Sister Kosoltakul, President Ellis, Sister Freitas, Sister Vaioleti, Sister Abonales,
Sister Makaya.

The great Modbury Zone were all fired up for Zone Conference. These are great
missionaries working incredibly hard to find the elect. Led by Elder Boyd and
Elder Koch, this zone is seeing miracles.  Front: Sister Vaitaiki, Sister Lee-Lo,
Sister Esplin, Sister Reyes, Sister Mongan and Sister Siale. Back:  Elder Boyd, 
Elder Barbutt, Elder Koch, Elder Flinders, Elder Angelo, Elder Brosnahan,
Elder Ghergori, Elder Martin, Elder Fa, Elder Ruppe, Elder Baker, Elder Ellingson,
Elder McMurray and Elder Woodford. 

Our 3rd spider bite in the mission!  This is what it looks like when the wrong kind
of spider gets you.  Elder Fepuleai , one of our new missionaries, was unlucky
enough to get this bite.  Because of Elder Kendalls bites we knew just what to do. 

Sisters in Zion!  Love these beautiful sister missionaries.  They are doing hard
things.  They are biking hard to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

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