Friday, April 29, 2016

Specialty Training

President Parker and the assistants to the President, Elder Flinders and Elder 
McMurray, prepare for our first Specialty Training. We begin with the Marion

After Training all morning on "fundamentals" we break for lunch . Sister
Freitas, Sister Vaioleti, Sister Mason, Sister Tamana, Sister Kosultrakul, 
Sister Fa'alogo, Sister Abonales, and Sister Makaya. We are in awe of 
these great sister missionaries.

This is a great picture of some fantastic Elders. Elder Kendal in the back with
the banana, Elder Hartman, Elder Taylor, Elder Fitzpatrick, ElderKomaisavai, Elder Gaastra
(who is recovering from a bike accident), Elder Costales,Elder Hayes and Elder

Most of the photos are taken during lunchtime because we shouldn't take 
pictures in the chapel during training.  But this was a great day being trained
in teaching fundamentals. Love these missionaries!
The St. Johns and the Larkins providing us with another delicious lunch. 
We are so blessed to have incredible senior missionaries who are always smiling
no matter the workload. We love you.

Talk about always smiling!  These two hard working Elders are always wearing
a smile.  They once again did some wonderful training today.  Love you Elder
Flinders and Elder McMurray.

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