Saturday, April 30, 2016


Its that time again that we dread-saying goodbye to missionaries that we love.
Sister Omugtong, Elder Jarrett and Elder Kelese have completed their
missions and are returning to their families. We miss them already.

First, dinner at the mission home.

And now its time to cut some ties!

Sister Omugtong will return to the Philippines.  She is leaving us a piece of one
of her favorite blouses.  We love you sister Omugtong.  We will miss you every 

Next is Elder Kelese who will return to Samoa. He is leaving us a tie for our
tie board. Just like when you were serving in Mildura and Naracoorte, we miss
you  Elder Kelese!
Next we have Elder Jarrett who will return to the US.  We will think of you 
often and  especially every time we see your tie!  

We will miss these wonderfulmissionaries.  God be with you til we meet again.

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