Saturday, April 2, 2016


Time for transfers.  This is the room and the board that they stare at during transfer
planning.  Assistants to the President, Elder Flinders and Elder Matekohi.

Missionaries arriving from the Northern Territory who reseived transfers.  this
is Elder Toi who will be serving with his new companion, Elder Coroton.

Elder Costales will be serving with his new companion, Elder Fitzpatrick.

Elder Callahan who has been serving out bush, is being transferred to Mildura.  Here
he is meeting one of our newer missionaries , Elder Christy, who is also headed 
to Mildura. 

And we are at the airport to pick up 4 new wonderful missionaries.  President found
the first to arrive, Elder Angelo from the Philippines. 

Welcome to the Australia Adelaide Mission Elder Angelo. Is this a great smile
or what!  We are so blessed to have you come to serve in this mission. We love

Meet Sister Kosoltrakul. Still smiling after a very long flight !  We are so excited 
to serve with you and we know you will see miracles.  We love you.

Next we greeted Elder Brosnahan from New Zealand.  We are thrilled to have 
another missionary from New Zealand.  We have had several leave us and return
home to that country.  This also happens to be Sister Craigs cousin, who served
here in the Australia Adelaide Mission.  Welcome Elder Brosnahan.  We love you.

Introducing Elder Hanley from the great state of Washington in the USA.  Welcome
Elder Hanley. We are so happy you answered the call to serve.  Great things are
in store for you -miracles ahead.  We love you.

Elder Hanley had not arrived yet but here are 3 of our newest missionaries.  We
are so very blessed.

The new missionaries were able to meet a few of our current missionaries at the
airport as they were being transferred to the Northern Territory. Sister Boswell,
Elder Hamilton and Elder Esqueta will be serving in Darwin.  and Elder Leutele
is headed to Alice Springs where he will be serving as a bush Elder. We love you a

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