Saturday, April 2, 2016

New Missionaries

First stop is always the mission office where these new missionaries will meet
the office staff , the assistants , eat a quick lunch and be off to proselyte in the
city for a few hours. This is Sister Kosoltrakul.

Elder Angelo!

Elder Brosnahan!

Elder Hanley!

Next event is the arrivers dinner held at the mission home. Missionaries
anxious to find out who they will be training, or....who their trainer will be?

It was a perfect day for a barbecue so Elder Larkin, Elder Wilmott and Elder 
Sennett are grilling up some delicious dinner.  Watch out for the blue-tongue
lizards t like to hang out in the backyard.

Faithful Sisters who prepare meal after meal to feed these hungry missionaries.
Sister Wilmott, Sister Sennett, Sister Larkin and Sist St. John serving another
wonderful meal. Thank you Sisters.

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