Saturday, July 9, 2016

Multi Stake Fireside

There was a great gathering for the Multi-Stake Monthly Missionary Fireside held 
at the Firle Stake Center. Hosting was the Marion Stake and they did a great job.
New members sharing their testimonies, messages from President Parker and President
Ellis and beautiful music. Missionary work going on in the cultural hall afterwards.
Very exciting!
President and Sister Parker, Sister Cruz, visiting from the Brazil,, Sister
Coultrop and Sister Maea. 
Elder Bennion and Elder Makai sharing the Gospel!
Elder Heindel, Elder Cho, Elder Coroton, baptized today- Brother Sarwari, and 
President Parker.
Sister Taylor, Sister Villenueva, Sister Reyes, Sister Mason, Sister Mcallwane,
Sister Townsend .

Sister Coultrop, Sister Freitas, Sister Maea, sister Ma, Sister Collins and Sister Reyes.
Elder Bennion, Elder  Ruppe, Elder  Makai, Elder  Tolbert, just baptized today- Guan Wang
and Sadiq Sarwari, Elder Heindel and Elder Coroton. 


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