Saturday, July 2, 2016

Arrivers Dinner


This is Arrivers Training.  These new missionaries are here with some great 

missionaries who will be training all of them.  They love each other already.
We are so excited to have these new wonderful sister missionaries.  They are
beautiful in every way.  Sister Teuira is waiting to see who will be her new trainer?
will it be Sister Rooarii, also from Tahiti, or Sister Ma or Sister Rougeau???
Are these happy, beautiful sister missionaries or what!!!  This is an exciting day.
Sister Draney, Sister  Truman and Sister  Collins are waiting to see who their trainers will
be?  Maybe it will be one of the happiest missionaries ever-Sister Garrote!  
Will Elder  Ellingson be Elder Atkinsons new trainer?
Elder Touma, Elder Kelly and Elder Miller getting to know Elder Payne and Elder
Komaisavai. Hmmm...who will be new companions?
Elder Mannering in the middle of 3 new wonderful missionaries!  Elder Arnaud, 
Elder Cho and Elder Touma.
Elder Jugo talking with Elder Hale and Elder Flinders. Wondering who his new trainer 
will be??
Elder Wilkins and Elder Koch wondering who they will be training!!  
Elder Miller and Elder Atkinson awake and smiling during all of this training. Elder
McMurray and Elder Komaisavai are never without a big smile.  Why are they all so
happy?  Because they are on the Lords errand!
Elder Ellinson and Elder Mosa getting to know Elder Shortland!  

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