Friday, July 1, 2016


Bright and early we began picking up new missionaries at the airport.  Because of
flight changes and rerouting, we were 2 for 8 by about 11:00!  Not too good- so we made
some extra trips to the airport throughout the day.  We were thrilled when we finally had
all 12 new missionaries with us .  Exciting!!! Here are 4 of them.
Meet our first sister, Sister  Truman from Rosebud, Australia.  We love Sister
Missionaries and we love you Sister  Truman!!  So happy you are here.
Next we have Sister Collins from Auckland, New Zealand. This is an exciting day
and we love the smiles and enthusiasm these new missionaries arrive with. They are
a little nervous, very excited and always tired from the flights but there is no time
to waste when you are on the Lords errand.  Welcome Sister Collins, we love you.
Meet Sister Draney from Summerfield, Florida. We are thrilled to have you in the
Australia Adelaide Mission.  Thank you for answering the call to serve.  Great
adventures and miracles ahead.  Welcome Sister Draney, we love you.
And one more fantastic Sister Missionary- meet Sister Teuira from Tahiti!  Welcome
Sister  Teuira to the best mission ever.  We are so happy you have arrived safe and sound 
and ready to serve.  With so many trips to the airport today we called for reinforcements
from Elder and Sister Wilmott.  We love you Sister Teuira!
And here are the new Elders!  First is Elder Arnaud from Tahiti, here with Elder Wilmott!
Welcome Elder!  So thrilled you are here and ready to get to work!  I'm sure that
was President Parkers first question for you-are you ready to go to work???
We love you Elder Arnaud!

Meet Elder Shortland from Gold Coast Australia!  Can't wait for the adventures ahead.
There are brothers and sisters waiting for you to invite them to "Come unto Christ."
Great joy is in store as we share this great message with the world.  We love you
Elder Shortland.

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