Saturday, July 9, 2016

Arrivers Training #2

New missionaries and their trainers gathered for training at the Firle Chapel.  Some
missionaries were joing us on skype from Darwin, alice Springs and Mildura. These
are very happy missionaries and we are very happy to have them here. 
Is there anything our two talented assistants cannot do?  I think not!  Here Elder
Flinders plays prelude hymns as the missionaries gather.  We are so blessed by
the missionaries in the Australia Adelaide Missions musical talents. 
Elder and sister Larkin and Elder and Sister Hall have a delicious lunch all ready for
the missionaries after a great morning of training.We have the best senior couples
ever in this mission. Elder and Sister Hall also joined in the training as our new flat
coordinators.  They are doing a fabulous job!!!
Lunch time!  Elder Ellingson, Elder Payne and Elder Arnaud.
Elder Hartman and Elder Rodovan.
Sister Teuira and Sister Garrote. Notice the coats-its always freezing in the chapel!
Elder Mose, Elder Kelly and Elder Cho.
Elder Hale, Elder Komaisavai, Elder Cho, Elder Heindle and Elder Coroton.
President Parker  and Assistants, Elder Flinders and Elder McMurray.
Elder Shortland and Elder Komaisavai.
Elder Shortland, Elder Komaisavai and Elder Flinders
Back to training and intently taking good notes!  Are these incredible missionaries or
what!!  They are so wonderful and diligent. Desiring to be exactly obedient and
learning all they can so they can hasten the work here in the Adelaide Mission. 

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