Saturday, December 5, 2015

New Missionaries!

On our way to the airport we saw this great sight. Santa has arrived in Adelaide!
We are thrilled to announce the arrival of 2 new great missionaries in the Australia
Adelaide Mission!  Elder Ruppe, from Statesville, North Carolina and Elder
Mikami from Hermiston, Oregon both from the USA. This was a beautiful
sight to see.  White shirts, dark suits, sharp ties missionary haircuts and 2 great
big smiles.  Welcome Elders! Great things are ahead.
Elder Ruppe and Elder Mikami with their new Mission  President. We could
tell in about 5 seconds that these are great Elders.  We love you already. 
Elder Larkin directing traffic and helping us get everything loaded in the mission
van. Welcome to Adelaide!

Next stop, pictures at the Mission Office with our new missionaries- Elder Mikami,
Elder Ruppe and Elder and Sister Tennis! We are blessed to have them all.
EElder Ruppe from North Carolina!The Lord has great things in store for you Elder!
Elder  Mikami from Oregon!  Ready to go out and work hard with your new

Elder and Sister Tennis are headed to Alice Springs to serve and watch over the 
missionaries there.  They are such a huge blessing to have in this mission.  We will
miss them in Adelaide but they are really needed in Alice Springs. We love
you new missionaries!

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