Sunday, December 13, 2015

Around the mission!

Elder and Sister Hannan with some wonderful missionaries who serve in the 
Playford area.  Elder Ghergori, Elder Hales, Elder Purev-Ochir and Elder Komaisavai.
These are such great Elders. We love you so much.
Elder Koch and Elder Duabe in Katherine with their papaya tree!These Elders
are serving  with all their heart might mind and strength and the Lord is 
blessing them. 
This guide provided a quick tour of the caves in Katherine. We can't wait to get 
a visit in up there.  These Elders run Sacrament meeting each week for the 
members there. They are working hard and its very hot there this time of year. 
We love you Elder Koch and Elder Duabe.
Elder Farrer following the tour guide into the caves.  No Elder  Farrer we can't
have the baptism there!  Keep looking !

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