Monday, December 28, 2015

December Gifts!

We were up early the morning of Dec. 16th to go to the Northern Territory to 
celebrate Christmas there with our missionaries.  As we opened the door to leave
this is what we found.  Sweet Sister missionaries had decorated our door and left
a very thoughtful gift for my birthday.  Thank you sisters for making me feel
very loved!  You are the best!
We had to take the van pulling the trailor to the airport just like Santas sleigh!  
We had so muchextra luggage since we were delivering all the Christmas 
gifts to our missionaries in Darwin and Alice Springs.  Luckily we were
taking our assistants along so they could help us carry all of the luggage!
These wonderful missionaries were there to greet us in Alice Springs!Elder Toi, 
Elder Hefa and Elder Callahan.  And who is that looking over Elder Pitchers
Its an Australian snowman made out of sagebrush of course!

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